Slides from Outside-In Development with Cucumber

I had great time presenting at Mountain West RubyConf. It was my first time presenting to a larger group and I was pretty happy how it all turned out. For those present I would love to get some feedback on how I could improve. I spoke on Cucumber and Outside-In development with it. Here is the actual blurb about the presentation:

Cucumber is a BDD tool that aids in outside-in development by executing plain-text features/stories as automated acceptance tests. Written in conjunction with the stakeholder, these Cucumber features¬Ě clearly articulate business value and also serve as a practical guide throughout the development process: by explicitly outlining the expected outcomes of various scenarios developers know both where to begin and when they are finished. I will present the basic usage of Cucumber, primarily in the context of web applications, which will include a survey of the common tools used for simulated and automated browser-testing. Common questions and pitfalls that arise will also be discussed.

MountainWest decided to cut the presentation times down to 30 minutes this year. I think the new format was awesome and I hope they stick to it. However, I did have to cut some topics from my presentation. Namely, I wasn’t able to explain Selenium and Celerity so those interested in testing JS with Cucumber should take a look at webrat’s selenium adapter, Celerity, Culerity, and the Celeriry webrat adapter (work-in-progress). on github. I should also point out that you can use Watir or any other tool within Cucumber as well.


You can download the presentation over at Confreaks!

Note: Some of the code samples are not properly highlighted when viewing the presentation from so I would suggest downloading the PDF version.

During the presentation I was serving up my slides with a little sinatra app called slide_server. (The app didn’t allow people to skip ahead in the presentation.) I’ll be putting that code on github for any of those interested. Many thanks to Brian Mitchel for helping me out with running the server during the presentation.