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DatabaseCleaner and EmailSpec need new homes

11 Sep 2013

Save my gems from code rot!

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Presentation: Clojure, Plain and Simple

04 Sep 2013

Link to an introductory presentation I gave on Clojure

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Presentation on PCA

30 Jan 2013

Link to PCA presentation I gave

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FAQ: What machine learning book should I start with?

07 Oct 2011

In which our hero reposts a long winded forum response to "What machine learning book should I start with?".

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Word Break in Clojure and Ruby, and Laziness in Ruby

14 Aug 2011

In which I implement Daniel Tunkelang's Word Break problem in Clojure and Ruby, pontificate on the virtues of laziness, and show how you can be lazy in Ruby.

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Oh yeah, I have a blog...

13 Aug 2011

In which I end the two year blog famine and catch everyone up on what I've been doing.

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Writing Software not Code with Cucumber - slides from Ruby Hoedown

28 Aug 2009

Summary and slides of my Cucumber presentation that I gave at the Ruby Hoedown 2009.

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Slides from Outside-In Development with Cucumber

14 Mar 2009

Summary, slides, and video of my Cucumber presentation that I gave at Mountain West RubyConf 2009.

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Using Cucumber to Integrate Distributed Systems and Test Messaging

17 Feb 2009

In which I explain how to use Cucumber in the context of distributed systems that rely on intercommunication via messaging queues. I also introduce a new open source project, Rosetta Queue, which provides a unifying API for different messaging queues/gateways available in Ruby.

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Leveraging Test Data Builders in Cucumber Steps

05 Feb 2009

Test Data Builders are all the rage in the Ruby community for unit tests. In this post I'll show how to use the same builders in your Cucumber step definitions.

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